Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2013

12 of 2012

    january was the first month in a long time when i felt my strength again.

    in february we spent a weekend with friends in a gorgeous house by a lake.

    in march i finally made the decision i struggled with in a while. i quit my job. no regrets.

    in april we spent easter holidays with friends in the country. welcoming spring.

    may was about casting off and letting go.

    in june i took a trip to the sea and learned to fly.

    i moved my office to the country and spent july with a garden almost next to my desk.

    i spent the most beautiful night on a berlin rooftop in august.

    september in the country when the colours changed and the kitchen stove kept me warm.

    october was all about finding my rhythm back in city life and work.

    finally in november i printed my calendar.

    back in the country for almost two weeks in december life was all about gathering.
    thank you katrin for the inspiration of doing a 12 of 2012.